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Question   Фото галерея
Саша, привет! Посмотрел сделанные тобой фото, впечатляет! Хорошая работа!

- Олег Кривошеев 8/12/2014 9:16:35 PM

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Question   Photo galleries
I just went thru all your galleries! You are magic with your camera! Your photos are absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing with us the beauty of your country!

- cari martin 4/10/2011 2:06:14 PM

  Answer For the love of God, keep writing these aritcels.

- Smiley Smiley  8/21/2011 3:51:12 PM

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Question   Focus
Hi, you have an amazing photo. Just a question. When you took this photo, where did you focus on? Based on the star light effect on the Sun, your aperture was set to at least f16 or smaller. In that case, you should have a great DOF. It seems to me you were focusing on the Sun, right? If so, that would explain why the foreground was somewhat out of focus. It you would have focus on foreground saying 5 feet away and then recompose, you might have everything in focus.

- Li Su 4/9/2011 7:46:07 AM

  Answer Hi, thanks for your comment! Do you mean "Baikal sunset in March" image? In this photo I focused on a distance about 1.6 meter and closest subjects are at about 30-40cm.
Thanks again!

- Alexander K.  4/9/2011 8:24:08 AM

  Answer How could any of this be beettr stated? It couldn't.

- Kaeden Kaeden  8/21/2011 1:25:10 PM

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Question   Fantastic Landscape Photos
Very inspiring landscape photos of what may be interpreted by many as a cold and dreary place. You made it look as though I could sit out there on my lawn chair and enjoy the scenery like being at home in the opposite climate.

- Dawn M. Dorland 9/1/2010 6:25:08 PM

  Answer Thomas,Thanks for commenting.I lkooed at the prluv home page main call to action button Join For Free Here's my feedback.Whenever you offer an incentive you have to be careful not to sell the incentive in-spite of the offer.The (free Fiverr Gig) incentive is very clear, however, it's at the expense of the reason for joining. The value proposition for joining is missing. The Ready for results? question before the incentive implies results, but it leaves me wondering what types of results? This needs to be answered up front where you have the large rotating splash images. They look good but unfortunately are not telling me anything, they are not giving me a compelling reason to read beyond that. If you deal with the value proposition in that space this would allow you bolster the Call to action button Join For Free with the benefit of joining. Virtually switching the Free call out with the results text. So the CTA button could be stronger if it were Get Results and if Joining FREE is an important differentiator then you can put it before the Fiverr incentive line. But don't forget to work on your value proposition. Let me know if I can help with that.

- Ling Ling  3/12/2012 3:02:12 AM

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Question   Beautiful photos
Beautiful gallery and photos. I truly enjoyed them. Good work !!

- Liandra Barry  5/24/2010 7:11:18 PM

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Question   The beautiful photos
These are very beautiful photos. They make me feel as if I were actaully there experiencing the beauty in person.

- Mark Boyd 1/27/2010 10:11:49 AM

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