It is a quite difficult task to express in a few words - the true meaning of Baikal Lake.
It is a huge lake, about 600 km in length and up to 80 km wide where one can find dramatic cliffs, perfect sand beaches, impenetrable forests (Siberian taiga) and boundless steppe. The lake can be caressing and warm like a tropical sea, or severe and even terrible where your tent can be torn to tatters in a few seconds.
But maybe the greatest impression from being on Baikal Lake is the sense of solitude when surrounded by incredibly vast beauty, nature and calm.
Here you can find ancient stone drawings of local people, and ancient rocks covered in red moss.
Im honored to live near Baikal Lake and to have the opportunity to travel around it with my camera during all 4 seasons in spite of the bitter cold and long Siberian winters.
As we say in Russia it is better one time to see than one hundred times to hear. I hope my photos help you understand the beauty of Baikal Lake.
My main gallery here devoted to Baikal, but I'd like also to share my impressions about other interesting places and events.
Alexander Katyanov

Добрый день!
Думаю, нет необходимости расписывать русскоязычным посетителям сайта о том, что такое Байкал. Это наше нечто! Своими фотографиями я хотел бы внести свой вклад в общее представление о том, наколько он красив и уникален, чтобы это укрепило желание зрителя беречь его. Байкал великолепен в любое время года и в любом состоянии. Это рай для фотографов - людей, которые умеют видеть и передавать красоту увиденного в своих работах.
Александр Катьянов
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